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Pregnancy yoga provides a relaxed, safe and nurturing environment to support you towards a positive and comfortable pregnancy and birth. You will practice focused breath work, mindful movement, and appropriate postures and stretches to support your body as it changes. This will prepare you for an empowered and conscious labour and birth. Pregnancy yoga helps to alleviate common discomforts in pregnancy such as fatigue, nausea, acid reflux, back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, swelling.

Through meditation, Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and other relaxation techniques (including hypnobirthing scripts) you will calm your mind, release any fears and deepen your mind and body connection as well as the bond with your growing baby. Joining this class is also an excellent opportunity to meet a community of mothers as you journey into motherhood and to learn tools and practices for birth any beyond. 

This class aims to leave you feeling nourished, confident and calm in your pregnancy. Recommended from 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga Course on Tuesdays at 7 pm. Please contact me directly to book:

Investment: £44 for the class pack (4 weeks)

(£12 for drop in to be booked before noon on the day of class, subject to availability)

Format: 75 min 

Note: private or semi-private or small groups available upon request at a mutually convenient time.



This class is designed to support mothers from about three months after birth to the first few years after giving birth. Transitioning into motherhood is a time of transformation that deserves mindful attention and support both physically and emotionally. 


Postnatal yoga is the perfect way to care for yourself and fill up your cup as you take time out from your nurturing role. Mindful breathing, meditation, restorative poses and relaxation techniques will help alleviate tiredness, offering rejuvenation and practical tools for your daily life as a mother. 


You will also be guided through appropriate and adapted yoga poses and sequences to strengthen the areas that feel weaker after child birth (rehabilitation of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles with due attention to and issues such as abdominal separation and prolapse) as well as stretch out muscles that are tight from caring for your baby or toddler. 


This class aims to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and nurtured and is ideal from 12 weeks postpartum but could be joined from 6 weeks. It is advisable to dedicate the “fourth trimester” to rest, recovery and bonding with your baby. It is recommended to consult your GP and women’s health physio for advice on when to resume your practice particularly if you would like to join earlier. 

The focus will be on YOU and babies are welcome of course! 


When: starting soon locally and/or via Zoom depending on interest

Format: via Zoom (or upon request private, semi-private or group)

Investment: TBA

Note: private or semi-private or small groups available upon request at a mutually convenient time.


Please use the form below to enquire today!

Post Natal
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