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This 5-week course is designed for complete beginners and students interested in learning the fundamental principles and techniques of yoga. The student will gain knowledge of classic poses (asana), fluid sequences (vinyasa) breathing practices (pranayama) building strength and flexibility. With an initiation to sound work, meditation, mindfulness and the chakra system, the course also offers tools to cultivate greater mental clarity and calm.

Alignment principles and the use of equipment will be explained so that students gain the confidence and knowledge to join open level classes.

Students are encouraged to explore, ask questions and will be guided to practice intelligently and playfully. 

Fatima teaches a vinyasa flow style of yoga, integrating breath with movement and encouraging mindful attention. Fatima aims to hold a space for students to attune to their true nature and uncover their fullest potential.

Capacity: Max 10 to allow personal attention for each student.

Course available upon request via Zoom.

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear" 

Ram Dass

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